Behind Her Mask

I recently ran across a post on another blog and wanted to share because I feel  the author, Kallie, does such a fantastic job of putting words to something so difficult.

Being vulnerable is the hardest, scariest part. Admitting to yourself that you don’t have it all together as much as you always thought you did is both horrifying and freeing at the same time.

I hope you find this insightful and encouraging and would love to hear about any similar experiences!


Through these years of being in a spiritual wilderness questioning everything, it has also been that foundational friendship [with Jesus] that I keep coming back to. I know from both friends and others with similar backgrounds that once they found the courage and were willing to strip away every aspect of their faith adopted because of family expectations, the community, a sense of obligation, or a lack of knowledge about any other alternative – for many there was nothing left. For those who have chosen to walk away from faith altogether, I value and respect them just as much as those who I know have wrestled to find new understandings of faith, because I know that with growing up where we did to make that decision is probably one of the hardest they will ever make.

Choosing to hold up our beliefs to the light of truth and be deeply honest about what we can really stand behind with integrity is no small feat…

…It would take my entire world being shattered before I would come to understand that not only was God not looking for me to be perfect, but also people who really loved me weren’t looking for it either.

–Read Full Story at Untold Stories: Behind the Mask, Part 2


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