Wretched Sinner

“Sinner” seems to have become the identity with which many Christians characterize themselves. We strive to purge ourselves from all sin and ask God to convict us and bring any hidden sin to our attention so that we might confess and be cleansed. We try to stay pure of mind by capturing every stray thought to avoid sinning. We hear our pastors and mentors say that sin is rampant and that we need to call into account every action and bad attitude and bring it before the Lord. They (and our über Godly peers) make us feel guilty about things that aren’t even sinning because of a list of “good practices” someone, somewhere came up with.

During several instances of my life, I’ve been pressured into sharing a revelation or conviction from the Lord. The pressure to share was such an expectation that I’d often panic and say a quick prayer for God to help me think of something humble and meaningful. Passing just wouldn’t have been acceptable because that would have meant I was too good to sin. During one of these sharing times, I said that I had been encouraged by John 4:19 “We love each other because he loved us first.” I was laughed at by the leader of the group.

So instead of calling ourselves followers of Christ, we call ourselves Sinners. And oh how wretched are we! Continue reading